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Allan 19. Feb 2014 05:46

Volume Shadow Copy
Dear Friends,

I am greatly in need of Volume Shadow Copy for usage within Delphi.
I have been Delphi fan since several years but now I feel helpless with the Volume Shadow copy.
Could someone help with workable code within Delphi Xe2 ?

Warmest Regards
Allan Fernandes

Perlsau 19. Feb 2014 06:00

AW: Volume Shadow Copy
This board is not a delivery service for delphi code. But in spite of this you can find something about shadow copy by using board searching, for example this code.

Allan 20. Feb 2014 05:45

AW: Volume Shadow Copy
I am sorry in this regard but this is the only place who have knowledge of Volume Shadow Copy via Delphi.

I have already tried the link you have refered to but cannot proceed. Please see link and help me out.

hoika 20. Feb 2014 07:28

AW: Volume Shadow Copy

you have code, where exactly is the problem ?
Here is the starting point in MSDN


Allan 26. Feb 2014 11:48

AW: Volume Shadow Copy
Code I have taken from

My error is at procedure GetBackupComponentsAndInitialize...

at line CreateVssBackupComponents(BackupComps);

I get "..... raised too many consecutive exceptions:
'Access violation at 0x00000000: read of address 0x00000000' Process Stopped..."


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