Thema: Delphi Volume Shadow Copy

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Volume Shadow Copy

  Alt 13. Feb 2014, 05:32
I am trying out the Volume Shadow Copy example but getting the following error.

(Delphi Xe2 on Win 7)

In procedure GetBackupComponentsAndInitialize...

at line CreateVssBackupComponents(BackupComps);

I get "..... raised too many consecutive exceptions:
'Access violation at 0x00000000: read of address 0x00000000' Process Stopped..."

I have compiled the programs with following two changes.

For Xe2 I have only changed
If (Not CopyFile(PAnsiChar(Path),PAnsiChar(DestPath),True)) Then to
If (Not CopyFile(PWideChar(Path),PWideChar(DestPath),True)) Then and

unmarked from VssApi

Function CreateVssBackupComponents(
  Var ppBackup : IVssBackupComponents) : HRESULT; StdCall;
  External VSS_API_DLL name 'CreateVssBackupComponentsInternal'; { for Windows Server 2003 }

Procedure VssFreeSnapshotProperties(pProp : PVSS_SNAPSHOT_PROP); StdCall;
  External VSS_API_DLL;
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