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AW: DupeChecker - Duplikate im Source finden v1.3.5

  Alt 9. Okt 2014, 09:10
1) The Main window position should normally be saved and restored. This should work with multimonitor. See [Layout] section in the ini file. However, window state (e.g. wsMaximized) isn't stored.
2) Positions of popup windows arent saved or restored by purpose.
3) This is by purpose, source code should be edited from within the IDE.
4) You're right, synchronising works only when using the keyboard.
5) You could create an input file listing using dir /s/b *.pas > mylist.txt and delete the lines you don't want to be processed. Then, enter mylist.txt into the filename edit box and check the filelist checkbox.

Zitat von readme.xt:
Checkbox Filelist:
When checked, the file name entered in the Edit field will be used as input for source file names and directory names. The file list can contain both single source file names as well as directories.
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