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AW: Android Kamerazugriff java.lang.NullPointerException error

  Alt 7. Jul 2019, 08:29
Ich würde die Permissions-Abfrage nach FormShow verschieben, damit das Ganze nicht zu früh kommt, sollte aber trotzdem funktionieren.

Versuch mal die Entitlements Secure File Sharing zu setzen
Entitlement List for Android

Sets the entitlement options of the current Android project. Select Android platform in the Target combo box.

Examples of entitlements you can set in an Android application:

AdMob Service: To enable Google advertising service for an Android application.
Receive push notifications: To enable GCM support in an Android application and receive data from remote servers.
Maps Service: Adds 2 entries to the Android manifest file to allow Google Maps to work (i.e. a TMapView to function). As mentioned in the Configuring Android Applications to Use Google Maps page.
Secure File Sharing: To allow a TTakePhotoFromCameraAction to function, as well as anything else that needs to expose a file via a file:// URI from its application.
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