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AW: SQLite statisch gelinkt und DB in Resource

  Alt 27. Mai 2020, 18:49
Nur so zur Info:
FireDAC SQLite driver offers both static and dynamic linkage
For SQLite, FireDAC adds the ability to choose static vs dynamic linkage of SQLite engine. To use the static linkage of SQLite engine it is required to add the unit "FireDAC.Phys.SQLiteWrapper.Stat" to the uses clause of one of the units of your project. Otherwise dynamical linkage will be chosen. There is a new property TFDPhysSQLiteDriverLink.EngineLinkage. When the value is slDefault or slStatic, then the "FireDAC.Phys.SQLiteWrapper.Stat" unit will be added at design-time to the unit hosting the component. If application defines the connection at run-time, then the "FireDAC.Phys.SQLiteWrapper.Stat" unit must be added manually.
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