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Hallo Gerd,

Initialization State ist WORM_INITUNINITIALIZED

ich habe versucht eine setup durchzuführen, aber er verlangt dass ich einen SelfTest vorher machen muss.

Wenn ich ein SelfTest aufrufe, dann sagt er mir, dass ich einen ClientId registrieren muss.
public void tse_runSelfTest(java.lang.String clientId)
Runs the self test of the TSE.

After each power cycle, the TSE runs a self test to ensure proper operation of
its internal modules. The self test requires to check that the TSE is plugged
into an authorized system.

The self test can be repeated whenever it is desired by the ERS, but it
must be run at least once every 25 hours. Otherwise, the TSE will set the
state *selfTestRun* to inactive, which makes all future commands
fail until the self test is run successfully again.
The time until the *selfTestRun* state will be made inactive can be
obtained with WormInformation.timeUntilNextSelfTest().

The self test is a potentially long running operation that might take up to 60
seconds to complete.

Note: This command must be sent as first command after the TSE boots. If it
fails, only methods regarding user authentication, registering new
clients, or re-running the self test are allowed.

Note: It is strongly recommended that after running the self test, any methods
that might be called (e.g. user_login(com.secureflashcard.wormapi.WormUserId, byte[])) are
executed as soon as possible afterwards. Especially, it should be ensured
that tse_updateTime(long)is called quickly after
running the self test to prevent the TSE from entering a low power state.
While having a valid time set, the TSE will not enter the low power state

clientId - Serial number of the system where the TSE is physically
plugged in. Must have been registered previously with
tse_registerClient(java.lang.String), otherwise the self test will
Wenn ich eine ClientId registrieren will, sagt er mir, dass ich ein SelfTest durchführen muss.
public void tse_registerClient(java.lang.String clientId)
Registers a client (i.e. an ERS) as a valid system for self tests and

A client is identified by its ID, which shall be a unique string (e.g. its
serial number). If the same client is already registered, the command will
be successful, but the client will not be registered twice.

Note: This command requires the user *Admin* to be logged in.
Er dreht sich im Kreis

Ist leader in JAVA, aber ich dachte mir, dass vielleicht das Problem such auf Delphi ist.

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