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AW: iOS Build fails on Signing - XCode 11.5, Rad Studio 10.4.1

  Alt 8. Jan 2021, 17:56
I managed to fix this with WORK AROUND. As you said the problem appears by the duplicated <key> com .apple.developer.associated-domains </ key>.

A have to figure out how to NOT generate this line anymore:

<key> com .apple.developer.associated-domains </ key>
<string> * </string>

... to be able to add my link at the end of the entitlements template file:


That's a good point, do you know how I can make changes on the entitlements file?

As already written in the error message:
[PAClient Error] Error: E0264 Failed to parse entitlements: AMFIUnserializeXML: duplicate dictionary key near line 25
the key "com.apple.developer.associated-domains" exists two times in your dictionary.
Alex Sertev

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