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AW: Delphi 11 Prof. kein Android Support

  Alt 14. Okt 2021, 09:52
Für ganz harte Fälle habe ich meine "Paranoic Cleanup Checklist",
ich muss aber gestehen dass ich die so seit ca. 2018 nicht mehr haben gebrauchen müssen.
Falls da noch etwas fehlen sollte bitte gerne Ergänzungen oder Fehlermeldungen schicken.

Cleanup Paranoic Checklist
0. Backup: Save all Projects, save VM
   !! Save all Rx-Sources and Rx-Samples for later comparison
1. Launch the License Manager from the bin folder
    (by default "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\bin\LicenseManager.exe")   and
    delete any trial or beta (Test Field) license that you can find.
    Check it under “License Details” in the center column.
    Beta: Field testers should also do the following (and others may want to as well):
    Delete the Godzilla license from License manager before uninstalling it or during the installation of RAD Studio 10.x
     --> Removed BetaLicense, keep the normal license
2. Uninstall from ControlPanel
    Under your Control Panel's Program and Features Add/Remove Program uninstall the following entries:
    RAD Studio 10.2 version 19.0
    --> Remove the IB2017 Server (Automatic)
    --> Remove RadStudio (all GetIt Packs are removed, until finished)
    If you had problems in the second step (uninstalling from Windows Control Panel),
    try this Microsoft tool to solve uninstallation problems:
     --> EasyFix Lösungen werden nciht mehr zum Download angeboten
3. 32Bit: remove the C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory    (or the custom folder you had used).
    64Bit: remove the C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory (or the custom folder you had used).
    --> Admin
4. Remove the cd C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory
    --> 20.0 CatalogRepository, BLP, DCP
    Remove the cd C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\dbExpress
    Remove the cd C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\FireDAC
    --> All under Embarcadero removed
    Remove the cd C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory.
    --> All under Embarcadero removed (Licenses RadStudio, IB2017)
    Remove the cd %APPDATA%\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 directory.
    --> !! Keep all new .keystores for Android
    --> Removed all under Embarcadero (AppData\Roaming)
    Remove cd C:\Users\reg_w\OneDrive\Dokumente\Embarcadero\Studio\
    --> CodeTemplates, Projects
    --> !! Keep only old iOS/Macous SDKs
    Remove the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 registry key
    --> Remove complete unter Embarcadero
    32Bit: remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 registry key
    64Bit: remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0
    --> Remove complete unter Embarcadero

    Remove the .lldb folder for Android SDK
5. Search registry "Embarcadero", remove any leftovers
    BDS.bdsdeploy, Embarcadero Modeling, MUICache, GetIt, ToolsAPI, Midas, CommonTasks, Interop, BorDb,
    GetItHelper, BorDbHelper, Midas, TogetherInterOp, TogertherOptionInterop,
    Current Software Explorer TypedPaths - cannot be removed  
    WinNT CompatibilityAssistant, IB Unwise
    !! Indexer Path, SourceInderxer Path - kept because of conted items
    !! Install Properties kept
    !! MS Win SDK installer kept
    !! UserSettings kept
    !! FireWallRules kept
    !! Path kept - cleanup via Windows ControlPanel "Umgebungsvariablen bearbeiten"
    --> Remove all Embarcadero references
   Path: OLD: C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin;C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\Bpl;C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin64;C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\Bpl\Win64;
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;
%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Windows Performance Toolkit\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd;C:\Program Files (x86)\GitExtensions\;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\OpenSSH\
5. 32-bit: remove the following files from C:\Windows\System32\:
    64Bit: remove the following files from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\:
    --> Was already removed by uninstaller
6. CleanUp
    # Cleaner
    # Windows Explorer Bereinigen mit Systemdaten bereinigen
7. Cleanup VM
    # Close Windows
    # Cleanup VM
    # !! Save Clean VM, if needed
    # Restart Windows
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