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Port nicht erzeugt

Ein Thema von TurboMagic · begonnen am 6. Jun 2024 · letzter Beitrag vom 16. Jul 2024
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Delphi 12 Athens

AW: Port nicht erzeugt

  Alt 9. Jul 2024, 10:11
Ok, nochmal einen Test mit der Statuswebseite ohne aktiviertes HTTPS gemacht: die fragt jetzt zumindest
mal nach Benutzername und Passwort. Das ist mehr als vorher.

Nur der andere Endpunkt mit dem anderen Port taucht nie auf.

Ergänzung: im nächsten Test taucht auch der Port 80 wieder nicht mehr auf.
Das ist ein Lottospiel. Aber warum?

Geändert von TurboMagic ( 9. Jul 2024 um 10:15 Uhr)
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Registriert seit: 28. Feb 2016
Ort: Nordost Baden-Württemberg
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Delphi 12 Athens

AW: Port nicht erzeugt

  Alt 9. Jul 2024, 15:59

weitere Infos:
war eben auf dem PC beim Anwender und konnte auch ipconfig /all ausführen.

Das zeigt:

1x WiFi (unverbunden)
1x LAN (unverbunden, Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter)
1x LAN (unverbunden, Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2)
1x LAN (Realtek, verbunden, IPv6 und IPv4, IPv4IP: mit Subnetzmaske, DHCP an)
1x VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1 (IPv4 IP:
1x VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet8 (IPv4 IP:

Oder auch anders gefragt: wo bekomme ich detailliertere Infos zur DataSnap Fehlersuche?
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Kas Ob.

Registriert seit: 3. Sep 2023
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AW: Port nicht erzeugt

  Alt 16. Jul 2024, 11:22
Well, i was not going to comment on this but ...

You have Api Monitor and you recorded a report, but you missed few details so i will try again to explain few things, and expand on your last post:

1) Bind : it does what say, it does bind a socket to a port, (local port) and prepare the socket for listening, bind is not essential for Listen to success, and calling listen without it will work except it will be on an arbitrary port, so bind allow you to specify the port to listen for, hence it plays a role in detecting if the port is busy, and by busy i don't mean it is in listening state but, it means port is already bound to a socket and can't be used for this socket, hence listen should not be called or will pick an arbitrary port.
2) Listen is the actual ... well listening, as a term it is means opening the port for incoming connections in case of TCP.
3) if Listen is success as you showed in API monitor log then and to my knowledge NetStat and TCP View should show the port in listening state, there is no Firewall that will prevent this as it will break any application, FireWalls will allow the listening port but will not allow any packet or event on it in blocking mode, so again if Listen is success then TCP View should report a listening port.
4) What can be a reason for Listen to succeed but there is no opened (listening state) socket, i can think of two cases
A) The socket had been closed !!!, aka in that report there should be CloseSocket, you didn't mention if that happen, so please try to check what operation did happen on these socket handles after Listen.
B) From you last post, you listed few Network interfaces and this raise a completely different questions, for that i will go back for bind and expand on it, Bind will not select the IP it will only assign port for an already created Socket, that created socket already had an IP !!, this is very important form here, that IP address will decide where the listening state will happen, i mean on which network interface, when that IP belongs to an IP provided by an interface then Listen will be applied and valid for incoming connections for that IP only on that network interface, many network interface are virtual ones, means they are not even real and emulated by a driver, to listen to all network interfaces you should assign the zero IP address for that socket "", other wise listen will be limited, so..

How about you check (A) for CloseSocket if being called, also check what are you listening to, i don't mean the port but the IP, the local one that will define and scope the IP range, some virtual interfaces are protected and here i don't mean protected by firewall, because they can be hidden form the firewall to begin with, in that case they can be protected/hidden TCPView ... this case i can imagine might happen when such interface is configured to allow communication between virtual guests excluding the host, like some security feature or something similar.

ps: what i discussed above apply for IPv4, there is small differences in handling for IPv6, in IPv6 there is no subnet masks provided by interfaces, the masks functionality are already with in the IP and its provider over the wire (or the virtual one) and how the network interface configured, this for privacy and simplification standardized for IPv6.
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Registriert seit: 28. Feb 2016
Ort: Nordost Baden-Württemberg
2.896 Beiträge
Delphi 12 Athens

AW: Port nicht erzeugt

  Alt 16. Jul 2024, 12:11
Thanks for all these usefull points!
As I can reproduce this on my local PC meanwhile, I'll resume investigations with your points
as soon as possible.

The connections are DataSnap connections so I'm not sure how much control I have over that,
but let's see.
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