Thema: Delphi Realtime Input? Thread?

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Realtime Input? Thread?

  Alt 13. Mai 2006, 19:01
hi there, lets say i have this simple code

until i=10;

and i will enter numbers from a edit component - i write a number to edit and press the button, then the cycle continues

like :

  Memo1.Lines.Append('Enter field values '+IntToStr(i));
  P[i]:=%MyInput%; //Edit1.text;
until i=10;
and it will looks like

> program starts
> it displays -> Enter field values 1
> then i write the values to an edit component and press the ok button //smt like the program stops and w8 for input from anothe component
> then again it displays -> Enter field values 2
> then again enter the numbers to edit component and click ok

it looks simple, but i have no clue how to do this, how to stop a procedure at a certain point, work with another procedure and the result inputs and continue from the neeede point

maybe to give the procedure to a threat, but thats also :/ for me

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