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Problems with GPU temperature,S.M.A.R.T.(SCSI)

  Alt 29. Jul 2007, 11:09
Hey i am new here!

I got some questions

1.)How to get SCSI S.M.A.R.T. .I got some code but i dont know how to use it (too complex).
Also if someone could help to get the temperature from the code...

unit smart_drv;


uses Windows, Messages, ShellAPI, KOL {$IFNDEF KOL_MCK}, mirror, Classes, Controls, mckControls, mckObjs, Graphics,

mckObjs {$ENDIF};
{$I uses.inc}
  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,

procedure OpenSMART;
procedure ReadSMART;
procedure CloseSMART;
function GetATTRName(attr:byte;var comm:string):string;
function GetFlags(flags:word):string;
procedure SwapBytes( var buf; count : integer );

    TIDSECTOR = packed record
{   wReserved:word;}
   wVendorUnique : array[0..2] of word;
   sSerialNumber:array[0..19] of char;
   sFirmwareRev:array[0..7] of char;
   sModelNumber:array[0..39] of char;
        hz : array[1..72] of byte;
        LBA48 : array[0..5] of byte;
   bReserved:array[0..127] of byte;

    TGETVERSIONOUTPARAMS = packed record
      version : byte;
      revision : byte;
      reserved : byte;
      IDEDevMap : byte;
      Capabilities : dword;
      reserved1 : dword;
      reserved2 : dword;
      reserved3 : dword;
      reserved4 : dword;

    TIDEREGS = packed record
        bFeaturesReg:byte;      // Used for specifying SMART "commands".
        bSectorCountReg:byte;    // IDE sector count register
        bSectorNumberReg:byte;    // IDE sector number register
       bCylLowReg:byte;         // IDE low order cylinder value
       bCylHighReg:byte;      // IDE high order cylinder value
       bDriveHeadReg:byte;      // IDE drive/head register
       bCommandReg:byte;      // Actual IDE command.
    end;          // reserved for future use. Must be zero.

 TSENDCMDINPARAMS = packed record
     cBufferSize:dword;      // Buffer size in bytes
      irDriveRegs:TIDERegs;      // Structure with drive register values.
      bDriveNumber:byte;      // Physical drive number to send
                     // command to (0,1,2,3).
      bReserved: array[0..3] of byte;      // Reserved for future expansion.
      dwReserved: array [0..4] of dword;      // For future use.
      bBuffer:array[0..1024*8] of byte;         // Input buffer.

 TDRIVERSTATUS = packed record
   bDriverError:byte;      // Error code from driver,
               // or 0 if no error.
   bIDEStatus:byte;       // Contents of IDE Error register.
               // Only valid when bDriverError
               // is SMART_IDE_ERROR.
   bReserved:array[0..3] of byte;   // Reserved for future expansion.
   dwReserved:array[0..1] of dword;// Reserved for future expansion.

   TDRIVEATTRIBUTE = packed record
          bAttrID:byte;      // Identifies which attribute
          wStatusFlags:word;   // see bit definitions below
         Value:byte;      // Current normalized value
         Worst:byte;   // How bad has it ever been?
         Raw:array[0..5] of byte;   // Un-normalized value
          bReserved:byte;      // ...

   TATTRTHRESHOLD = packed record
        bAttrID : byte;
        bWarrantyThreshold : byte;
        reserved : array[0..9] of byte;

 TSENDCMDOUTPARAMS = packed record
   cBufferSize : DWord;      // Size of bBuffer in bytes
   DriverStatus : TDriverStatus;      // Driver status structure.
   attr : array[0..255] of TDRIVEATTRIBUTE;         // Buffer of arbitrary length in which to

store the data read from the                                  // drive.

    value : word;
    name : string[40];
    comm : string[160];

   THDDInfo = record
    Model : string;
    FW : string;
    SN : string;
    LBABits : integer;
    LBASize : int64;
    Cache : integer;

  SCOP : array[0..3] of TSENDCMDOUTPARAMS;
  AttrCnt : array[0..3] of word;
  hSMARTIOCTL : array[0..3] of thandle;
  IDSECTOR : array[0..3] of TIDSECTOR;
  Thresholds : array[0..3,0..255] of TATTRTHRESHOLD;
  HDDInfo : array[0..3] of THDDInfo;



  IDE_ATAPI_ID       = $A1;   // Returns ID sector for ATAPI.
  IDE_ID_FUNCTION    = $EC;   // Returns ID sector for ATA.


   DFP_GET_VERSION = $00074080;
   DFP_RECEIVE_DRIVE_DATA = $0007c088;
   DFP_SEND_DRIVE_COMMAND = $0007c084;
   SMART_CYL_HI = $C2;
   SMART_READ_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES    = $D0;   // ATA4: Renamed

   AttrCount = 45;
   SmartAttrNames : array[1..AttrCount] of TSMARTAttrName=
   (Value:1;Name:'Raw Read Error Rate';Comm:'Frequency of errors appearance while reading RAW data from a disk'),
   (Value:2;Name:'Throughput Performance';Comm:'The average efficiency of hard disk'),
   (Value:3;Name:'Spin Up Time';Comm:'Time needed by spindle to spin-up'),
   (Value:4;Name:'Start/Stop Count';Comm:'Number of start/stop cycles of spindle'),
   (Value:5;Name:'Reallocated Sector Count';Comm:'Quantity of remapped sectors'),
   (Value:6;Name:'Read Channel Margin';Comm:'Reserve of channel while reading'),
   (Value:7;Name:'Seek Error Rate';Comm:'Frequency of errors appearance while positioning'),
   (Value:8;Name:'Seek Time Performance';Comm:'The average efficiency of operations while positioning'),
   (Value:9;Name:'Power-On Hours Count';Comm:'Quantity of elapsed hours in the switched-on state'),
   (Value:10;Name:'Spin-up Retry Count';Comm:'Number of attempts to start a spindle of a disk'),
   (Value:11;Name:'Calibration Retry Count';Comm:'Number of attempts to calibrate a drive'),
   (Value:12;Name:'Power Cycle Count';Comm:'Number of complete start/stop cycles of hard disk'),
   (Value:13;Name:'Soft Read Error Rate';Comm:'Frequency of "program" errors appearance while reading data from a disk'),
   (Value:191;Name:'G-Sense Error Rate';Comm:'Frequency of mistakes appearance as a result of impact loads'),
   (Value:192;Name:'Power-Off Retract Cycle';Comm:'Number of the fixed "turning off" drive cycles (Fujitsu: Emergency

Retract Cycle Count)
   (Value:193;Name:'Load/Unload Cycle Count';Comm:'Number of cycles into Landing Zone position'),
   (Value:194;Name:'HDD Temperature';Comm:'Temperature of a Hard Disk Assembly'),
   (Value:195;Name:'Hardware ECC Recovered';Comm:'Frequency of the on the fly errors (Fujitsu: ECC On The Fly Count)'),
   (Value:196;Name:'Reallocated Event Count';Comm:'Quantity of remapping operations'),
   (Value:197;Name:'Current Pending Sector Count';Comm:'Current quantity of unstable sectors (waiting for remapping)'),
   (Value:198;Name:'Off-line Scan Uncorrectable Count';Comm:'Quantity of uncorrected errors'),
   (Value:199;Name:'UltraDMA CRC Error Rate';Comm:'Total quantity of errors CRC during UltraDMA mode'),
   (Value:200;Name:'Write Error Rate';Comm:'Frequency of errors appearance while recording data into disk (Western

Digital: Multi Zone Error Rate)
   (Value:201;Name:'Soft Read Error Rate';Comm:'Frequency of the off track errors (Maxtor: Off Track Errors)'),
   (Value:202;Name:'Data Address Mark Errors';Comm:'Frequency of the Data Address Mark errors'),
   (Value:203;Name:'Run Out Cancel';Comm:'Frequency of the ECC errors (Maxtor: ECC Errors)'),
   (Value:204;Name:'Soft ECC Correction';Comm:'Quantity of errors corrected by software ECC'),
   (Value:205;Name:'Thermal Asperity Rate';Comm:'Frequency of the thermal asperity errors'),
   (Value:206;Name:'Flying Height';Comm:'The height of the disk heads above the disk surface'),
   (Value:207;Name:'Spin High Current';Comm:'Quantity of used high current to spin up drive'),
   (Value:208;Name:'Spin Buzz';Comm:'Quantity of used buzz routines to spin up drive'),
   (Value:209;Name:'Offline Seek Performance';Comm:'Drives seek performance during offline operations'),
   (Value:220;Name:'Disk Shift';Comm:'Shift of disk is possible as a result of strong shock loading in the store, as a

result of it`s falling or for other reasons
   (Value:221;Name:'G-Sense Error Rate';Comm:'This attribute is an indication of shock-sensitive sensor - total quantity

of errors appearance as a result of impact loads
   (Value:222;Name:'Loaded Hours';Comm:'Loading on drive caused by the general operating time of hours it stores'),
   (Value:223;Name:'Load/Unload Retry Count';Comm:'Loading on drive caused by numerous recurrences of operations like:

reading, recording, positioning of heads, etc.
   (Value:224;Name:'Load Friction';Comm:'Loading on drive caused by friction in mechanical parts of the store'),
   (Value:225;Name:'Load/Unload Cycle Count';Comm:'Total of cycles of loading on drive'),
   (Value:226;Name:'Load-in Time';Comm:'General time of loading for drive'),
   (Value:227;Name:'Torque Amplification Count';Comm:'Quantity efforts of the rotating moment of a drive'),
   (Value:228;Name:'Power-Off Retract Count';Comm:'Quantity of the fixed turning off`s a drive'),
   (Value:230;Name:'GMR Head Amplitude';Comm:'Amplitude of heads trembling (GMR-head) in running mode'),
   (Value:231;Name:'Temperature';Comm:'Temperature of a drive'),
   (Value:240;Name:'Head Flying Hours';Comm:'Time while head is positioning'),
   (Value:250;Name:'Read Error Retry Rate';Comm:'Frequency of errors appearance while reading data from a disk')

   flagnames : array[0..5] of string[2] = ('PF','OC','PA','ER','EC','SP');

function GetFlags(flags:word):string;
  i : integer;
  s : string;

 s := '';
  for i := 0 to 5 do
    if flags and (1 shl i) <> 0 then
      s := s + flagnames[i]+#32;
 GetFlags := s;

function GetATTRName(attr:byte;var comm:string):string;
  i : integer;
  for i := 1 to attrCount do
    if attr = SmartAttrNames[i].Value then
      GetAttrName := SmartAttrNames[i].name;
      Comm := SmartAttrNames[i].comm;
 GetAttrName := 'Unknown';

procedure SwapBytes( var buf; count : integer );
        mov esi, buf
        mov edi, esi
        mov ecx, count
        shr ecx, 1
        test ecx, ecx
        jz @@exit
        xchg ah, al
        dec ecx
        jnz @@rep

procedure OpenSMART;
  i : integer;
  c : dword;
  s, s1, s2 : string;
  osver : (wvNT3,wvNT4,wvW2k,wvXP,wv95,wv98,wvME);
 for i := 0 to 3 do

 os.dwPlatformId := 0;
 os.dwOSVersionInfoSize := sizeof(OSVERSIONINFO);
 GetVersionEx( os );

    osver := wv98;
    case OS.DwMajorVersion of
      3: osver := wvNT3;
      4: case OS.DwMinorVersion of
            0: if OS.dwPlatformId = VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT
               then osver := wvNT4
               else osver := wv95;
            10: osver := wv98;
            90: osver := wvME;
      5: case OS.DwMinorVersion of
            0: osver := wvW2K;
            1: osver := wvXP;

    hSMARTIOCTL[i] := 0;

    if (osver = wv98) or (osver = wv95) or (osver=wvME) then
    hSMARTIOCTL[i] := CreateFile('\\.\SMARTVSD', 0,0,NIL,
                        CREATE_NEW, 0, 0)

     hSMARTIOCTL[i] := CreateFile(pchar( '\\.\PhysicalDrive'+format('%d',[i])),
                    GENERIC_READ or GENERIC_WRITE,
                    FILE_SHARE_READ or FILE_SHARE_WRITE,

     if hSMARTIOCTL[i] = INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then continue;

     DeviceIoControl(hSMARTIOCTL[i], DFP_GET_VERSION,
           c, NIL) ;

        FillChar( SCIP, SizeOf( SCIP ), 0 );
   SCIP.cBufferSize := 0;

   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorCountReg := 1;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorNumberReg := 1;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylLowReg := SMART_CYL_LOW;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylHighReg := SMART_CYL_HI;

   // Compute the drive number.
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bDriveHeadReg := $A0 or (( i and 1) shl 4);
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCommandReg := IDE_EXECUTE_SMART_FUNCTION;
   SCIP.bDriveNumber := i;

                @SCIP, sizeof(TSENDCMDINPARAMS) - 1,
                @SCOP[i], sizeof(TSENDCMDOUTPARAMS) - 1,
                c, NIL);

   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bFeaturesReg := 0;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorCountReg := 1;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorNumberReg := 1;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylLowReg := 0;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylHighReg := 0;

   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bDriveHeadReg := $A0 or ((i and 1) shl 4);
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCommandReg := IDE_ID_FUNCTION{ or IDE_ATAPI_ID};
   SCIP.bDriveNumber := i;

        @SCIP, sizeof(TSENDCMDINPARAMS) - 1,
        c, NIL) ;

        Move(SCOP[i].attr, IDSECTOR[i], SizeOf( IDSECTOR[i] ) );


        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bFeaturesReg := SMART_READ_ATTRIBUTE_THRESHOLDS;
        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorCountReg := 1;
        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorNumberReg := 1;
        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylLowReg := SMART_CYL_LOW;
        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylHighReg := SMART_CYL_HI;

        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bDriveHeadReg := $A0 or ((i and 1) shl 4);
        SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCommandReg := IDE_EXECUTE_SMART_FUNCTION;
        SCIP.bDriveNumber := i;

        @SCIP, sizeof(TSENDCMDINPARAMS) - 1,
        c, NIL) ;

        Move( SCOP[ i ].attr, Thresholds[ i ], SizeOf( Thresholds[ i ] ) );

        HDDInfo[ i ].LBASize := 0;
        HDDInfo[ i ].LBABits := 28;

   if idsector[i].ulTotalAddressableSectors = $FFFFFFF then
       move( idsector[i].lba48,HDDInfo[ i ].LBASize,6);
       HDDInfo[ i ].LBABits := 48;
       move( idsector[i].ulTotalAddressableSectors,HDDInfo[ i ].LBASize,4);

       s := IDSECTOR[i].sModelNumber +#32;
       SwapBytes( s[1], Length(s) );

       While (Length(s)<>0) and (s[Length(s)-1]=#32) do
         SetLength( s, length(s)-1);

   HDDInfo[ i ].Model := s;

   s := IDSECTOR[i].sFirmwareRev +#32;
   SwapBytes( s[1], Length(s) );

   HDDInfo[ i ].FW := s;

   s := IDSECTOR[i].sSerialNumber+#32;
   SwapBytes( s[1], Length(s) );
    While (Length(s)<>0) and (s[1]=#32) do

   HDDInfo[ i ].SN := s;
   HDDInfo[ i ].Cache := IDSECTOR[i].wBufferSIze div 2;


procedure CloseSMART;
  i : integer;
 for i := 0 to 3 do


procedure ReadSMART;
  i,j : integer;
  c : dword;

 for i := 0 to 3 do
     if hSMARTIOCTL[i] = INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then continue;

   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bFeaturesReg := SMART_READ_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorCountReg := 1;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bSectorNumberReg := 1;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylLowReg := SMART_CYL_LOW;
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCylHighReg := SMART_CYL_HI;

   // Compute the drive number.
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bDriveHeadReg := $A0 or (( i and 1) shl 4);
   SCIP.irDriveRegs.bCommandReg := IDE_EXECUTE_SMART_FUNCTION;
   SCIP.bDriveNumber := i;
        FillChar( SCOP[i], SizeOf( SCOP[i] ), 0 );

                @SCIP, sizeof(TSENDCMDINPARAMS) - 1,
                c, NIL);

     AttrCnt[ i ] := 0;
     for j := 0 to 255 do
      if SCOP[ i ].attr[ j ].bAttrID = 0 then
         AttrCnt[ i ] := j;


2.)How to get GPU temperature and enviroment temperature (ATI&NVIDIA)?
3.)How to get memory info(voltage,refresh rate,latency,precharge,type,fsb:dram)?
4.)How to do cpu usage for core 2 duo and core 2 quad?

Thanks in advance!