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Delphi Seattle becoming almost unusable on Windows Build 1909

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Delphi Seattle becoming almost unusable on Windows Build 1909

  Alt 24. Mär 2020, 18:10
I have previously posted about fun adventures running insider preview builds of Windows 10, with Delphi. Now, I no longer run insider preview builds because the problems are just not worth it.

However, as Microsoft believes your computer belongs to them once you put Windows 10 on it, you now have to deal with your "windows 10" (pronounced "Windows is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get") system will daily, or weekly, break stuff and die randomly on you.

In the midst of a global panic over a real virus, I would like to add that I feel that Windows 10 is a virus.

I can't rely on Windows 10 not to :

1. Ship new stuff I don't want.

2. Turn back on options that I turn off, like windows defender realtime protection.

3. Break production binary applications, for which I have no source code, most importantly Delphi itself, which I need to do my job.

Most recently, I can no longer operate Delphi 10 seattle which is the version my employer's production codebases are relying on. (When you work in a team, by the way, one person can't just move versions, so if you suggest that I should move to a new delphi version, I'll just ignore you as we're going to do that when we all do that, as I belong to a team.)

Here are two of the fun problems that I'm seeing:

1. If ever you had to set up a new PC on a new windows build and get it going with Seattle, and Windows build 1909, good luck. To get a preview of the fun you'll have, you could rename (god forbid you should ever ever delete) the registry BDS\17 registry key, Delphi can not create a valid new setup and start up without crashing. You get an access violation in coreide230.bpl. If you have a valid backup of a working BDS\17 registry key, you can recover it. Anyone using Seattle on Windows 10, please keep backups of your BDS\17 key under your Current User registry settings.

2. Delphi is unable to build our projects without dying during the write DCU phase randomly. This was always bad on some peoples computers, but usually not on mine, and now I can no longer operate the IDE and compile or build the main projects I need to compile for my day job.

I'll post solutions if I find them, but if I don't, I'm going to move into a Win7 VM for all development, because Windows 10 is not something you can trust.

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